Karla: I was at a party last Saturday and heard a rumor….I am leaving on a trip this Monday! Just kidding, of course, as I have been anticipating this trek for quite a while – years to be exact – and now it is just around the corner. I’ve waited so long I can’t believe it’s actually happening. I feel inadequately prepared unless you count worrying as a way of getting ready, in which case I am over-trained! Unlike Scottie, I will not enumerate my list of concerns as I intend to put them all in a bubble and blow them away. If that doesn’t work I will remind myself of one over-riding truism: I am one lucky chick to be able to set off on this odyssey with my Captain, as we call that guy up front on the tandem. Bear in mind, you might hear other terms for him later on.

One thought on “What???”

  1. Just keep breathing Karla… such an adventure for you both to enjoy. Can't wait to hear all the stories in October with several bottles of red!!

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