It’s list making time

Scott: It’s about 3 weeks before we depart on our trip and that means it’s list making time. Actually, I tend to not be a list maker. In the weeks before we leave on a trip, I simply get stuff out that I think I’ll need and pile it in the living room. I start the process early so that I can review the pile over time then add and subtract items until I feel I have the right combination (& weight) of stuff for the approaching trip. Sometimes, I will make of list of stuff I need to purchase as I work through my pile. Karla, on the other hand, is a big time list maker. Quite often I’ll work with Karla and build a mondo list from which she’ll base her packing. It’s a good process because it syncs our ideas on what we need, it helps Karla organize her thoughts and makes her happy. It certainly does help get my mind around what needs to get done but, in the end, I create a pile that I sift through until I have the right set. In the following days before we leave I’ll share our equipment and clothes lists.

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  1. Can't wait to follow your adventures, from wherever I am on my travels! I'm so glad you'll be keeping us all posted.

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