Good Morning from Rasor State Park!

Karla: Our first day, our first campsite, our first morning…all fantastic!  Our meandering path took us along Padilla Bay estuary, then on up the broad Skagit Valley through old dairy farms and ending in a densely forested, almost empty campground. We have figured out how to make coffee with our new setup and the sun is shining through the Doug Firs as I type this. The only sound besides the birds chirping is Scottie batting away the mosquitos. All in all, quite idyllic.

5 thoughts on “Good Morning from Rasor State Park!”

  1. I am too. You have wireless at a campground? What will they think of next. And boy, squeeters are why I won't go backpacking until late Aug, preferably Sept. Have a good trip.


  2. My friend Liz is following you too. The one who wanted you to wear the BikeCam .. and yes, you need burger meat in the sketti, but I thought you had a "pot" — my thought — combine the pot and skillet functions.

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